The Payroll Administration Outsourcing Service that our Firm provides to its Clients, which is treated as "Confidential Information" work, may be carried out either with our hardware and software or the Client's, or in our office or the Client's. In other words, this service is prepared and provided according to the client's requirements or preferences. It includes the following:

  • Understanding of the business's payroll activities and operations and administrative and accounting control procedures.
  • Implementation of integrated payroll software (ERP).
  • Payroll administration services related to control, calculation, posting and processing of payroll operations such as:
  • Updating of Personnel Data.
  • Process of Payroll.
  • Issuing of Payment Vouchers.
  • Payroll disbursements – Electronic Transfers or other means of payment.
  • Processing and payments of Retirement Employee Benefits (CTS).
  • Processing of several employee accruals corresponding to Bonuses, Vacations and Employee Profit-Sharing.
  • Labor service, with respect to calculation of taxes and contributions; calculation, preparation and filing (presentation) of information concerning labor matters.
  • Processing and issuing of Electronic Payroll books.
  • Preparation of reports and the managerial information needed for business management.
  • Labor Advisory services and Consulting.

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