The Physical Inventory Outsourcing Service that our Firm offers to its Clients is performed based on Bar Code Technology or, otherwise and/or at the Client's request, using the traditional method of Physical Inventory Taking, using the format or reports issued by the IT Control System of the clients.

Our Physical Inventory Outsourcing Service can be done on a partial or integrated basis, for any type of inventory level: Merchandise, Finished Goods, Work in Progress, Raw Materials, Packing Cases, and also for Fixed Assets, such as Land, Buildings, Machinery and Equipment, Vehicles, Furniture and Fixtures, Computer Equipment and Miscellaneous Equipment. It includes the following activities and functions:

  • Planning of physical inventory - taking
  • Physical inventory process - Counting
  • Placement of stickers and/or tags
  • Reconciliation of physical inventory with auxiliary control records
  • Physical inventory process – Recount (in case to find differences)
  • Assessment of the value of the physical inventory
  • Determination of final differences of the physical inventory: Surpluses and losses.
  • Preparation and issuing of the final physical inventory Report
  • Memorandum containing comments and internal control recommendations (if required by the client).

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